30 Years Tells A Story...

                                    Our Original Location

Northern Sierra Propane, Inc. has served Grass Valley along with Nevada and Placer County customers since January of 1990 from their office and shop was located at 13120 John Bauer Avenue (near the airport), now across the street at 13121 John Bauer Avenue. Edward (Ed) Rogers started delivering propane from a small office near our current location using one delivery truck, and has grown his business (four trucks) by using the motto “Fast, Prompt & Reliable Service”.


Northern Sierra Propane (NSP) has expanded into Placer and Yuba counties and now serves over three thousand customers using twelve employees to assure their accounts are served in a timely manner. NSP measures its success on the volume (gallons) of sales and is now delivering in excess of 1,500,000 gallons to their friends (yes our customers are our friends) in their operating area.


Service is the key to both the growth and success of NSP, and in addition to their base product (propane) we supply and install tanks to contain the product at the customer’s site. Deliveries are scheduled to assure the product is available in a timely manner, and every effort is maintained to keep the cost of the product in line with the current economy. A budget payment program is in place, which allows our accounts to spread their costs over the full year regardless of how often the product is delivered.


The office is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. We also have an emergency service that is available twenty-four hours a day to assure you never run out of Propane. Every employee is dedicated to providing our customers with their propane needs and related service in a prompt and friendly manner.


The rewards and the success of our business are proof that Northern Sierra Propane is a welcome business in our community. 


                                   Our Current Location